The client’s accountant is usually the first to recognize a tax-related issue, whether it involves concerns about the federal or state income tax consequences of an existing transaction or recognizing an opportunity to minimize sales, use, payroll, or income taxes going forward. There are times, frequently as a result of the time pressures encountered during the tax season, when a client’s accountant simply cannot deal with an issue on a timely basis, no matter how urgent. At Jardim, Meisner & Susser, P.C., we stand ready to assist the other professionals retained by our clients, especially in the field of taxation.

Our attorneys have nearly half a century of experience in dealing with:

  • State and federal investigations and audits;

  • Litigation pertaining to state and federal income, sales, payroll, estate and transfer inheritance taxes;

  • Tax-exempt or tax-deferred transactions such as Section 83(b) elections, reorganizations, 1031 like-kind exchanges;

  • Civil penalties; and

  • Offers in compromise, installment agreements, and other workouts.


We firmly believe that a knowledge of the inner workings of state and federal tax laws and the agencies and courts that enforce them is not enough to adequately represent a client. Rather, that knowledge needs to be combined with expertise in laws applicable to corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, real estate, contracts, litigation, pensions, and other fields to craft the best solutions for the problems facing our clients. Thanks to the depth of experience of our attorneys, we are uniquely qualified to design and implement solutions for those problems which maximize the client’s satisfaction.

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